The innovative Outlast® technology was originally developed for NASA, and proactively adjusts the balance between temperature and humidity. Temperature variations under the duvet are indirectly offset by the patented microcapsules. Excess body heat is absorbed and stored to prevent overheating; the result is a constant sleep temperature and a better night’s sleep.

Fine 100% Mako cotton batiste cover, treated with Aloe Vera for exceptional softness, and medicott® protection against mould and bacterial growth.

Dimensions (Length x Width)

138.00 CHF

Product Category: Duvets

Outer layer
Fine batiste, Aloe Vera treated for a very soft finish

Outlast® fibre (100% polyester)


Medium duvet
Heat category 2 medium
Approximately 300 g/m2

Washing instructions: picto lavage sleepwell