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Our mattresses are guaranteed for 10 years, and our duvets, pillows and toppers are guaranteed for 12 months (see warranty conditions below) from the date of delivery.

The warranty extends only to the original purchaser of the product and cannot be transferred to a third party.


The warranty covers all material or labour-based defects, as well as any damage that may occur as a result of normal use during the first 24 months following purchase. From the 3rd year, warranty coverage decreases by 1/8 each year. In the event of full product replacement, the current catalogue price will be applied. The warranty right can be exercised from the date of delivery.


Normal softening can result from the regular use of the mattress and is therefore not covered by the warranty. A poor choice of firmness during the purchasing process isn't covered by the warranty. Similarly, the following are not covered by the warranty: normal wear of the mattress (sinking of more than 15% of the height of the mattress is considered abnormal), inappropriate treatment and use, damage due to transport or other damages such as stains, creases, torn handles, defective zips and slight shade variations. Damage to mattresses resulting from the use of inappropriate or worn bed bases are not covered by the warranty. Only clean items can be returned. With regards to slatted bed bases, the space between the slats should not exceed 60 mm and the use of a protective pad between the mattress and slatted base is strongly advised. When the mattress rests on a two-part slatted base, the slats should be mounted on a suspension and should not create a hard point in the centre. It should be noted that our mattresses are made from sensitive natural materials which can therefore presnet slight variations in length or width. A 2 cm margin either way is allowed.


Are solely covered the defects caused by a manufacturing error or the non-conformity with the ordered product.


All other claims are excluded from the warranty – in particular those due to an incorrect washing procedure and/or failure to follow washing recommendations.


Complaints should be addressed exclusively in writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as the defect occurs and/or is noticed, without delay. « Sleepwell » reserves the right to use different ticking if the original ticking becomes unavailable. Any repairs made to a defective or damaged mattress may under no circumstances enable the extension of the initial term of the warranty.


In all the aforementioned cases, assembly and transport charges are payable by the customer.